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A5 Wagyu Boneless Ribeye, “Kobe Wine Beef” / 18-20oz


Breed: Fullblood/Japanese Black
Origin: Japan
Region/Prefecture: Hyogo
Grading: A5/BMS10+
Weight: 18-20oz

What Is Wine Beef

This extortionary Wagyu comes from a small ranch in Okutanba, Hyogo that uses fermented wine lees in the feed. A very special & unique Wagyu. The farm started with only 30 cattle in 2007 but currently manage approximately 900, leading to very small production. The use of grape lees in the homemade feed is what created this unique flavor. Created from sugar canes & beer lees. Using hay and grape lees to enhance the nutrition and health of the cattle adding a unique flavor. These densely marbled Strip Steaks are cut directly from the Striploin which is part of the hindquarter opposite side from the Tenderloin. Perhaps one of the tenderest steak you’ll ever cut into, the juicy flavor profile is rich, buttery-smooth, beefy and truly unforgettable.




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